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Dimitris Sdrolias completed his studies in psychology and studied philosophy at the University of Athens, where he majored as a clinical psychology graduate. He is currently exploring on a doctoral level the contemporary forms of subjectivity after Deleuze, Lacan and Derrida. His training in psychotherapy as well as his personal treatment included freudian and lacanian and psychoanalysis. He has worked at the Psychiatric Hospital of Daphni (external psychiatric clinic), the Medical-Paedagogical Center of Psychiko, the Psychological Health Center at Eksarxeia, the Center of psychological health at Peristeri, the Psychology Department of Aiginition Psychiatric University Hospital of Athens, the Department of adolescent and young adult psychiatry: George Gennimatas General and National Hospital, and the Society of Social psychiatry and Psychiatric health (I. Sakellaropoulos) at Nea Smyrni. His research publications have been announced at the 2nd  International Conference on hormones, brain and neuropsychopharmakology, the 16 the Congress of Psychiatry in Paphos, as well as at interdisciplinary academic conferences. He has completed music studies at the Athens Conservatory, in Stuttgart and New York and has studied drama at Karolos Koun Art Theatre. He has been awarded for his poetry, his theater plays and his writing by the Greek State Awards, the Panhellenic Association for Literature, e.t.c. He belongs to the founding members of the Greek Association of Clinical Psychologists. He performs sessions in Greek, English and German.