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Psychotherapy’s Why | ΑΚΕΨΥ | Αναλυτικό Κέντρο Ψυχοθεραπείας Εφήβων και Ενηλίκων

Psychotherapy’s Why

΄΄Piece of mind…That is philosophy’s yearning’’….

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Most of the times, someone has already formed his own attributional theory/-ies concerning his problem before visiting a therapist.

Even if a problem insists, we can manage to tolerate it if we feel that we can control it by means of our thought, by means of attributing it to someone or something.

In fact, when we opt for therapy, it is not the mere practical facet of our problem that concerns us: it is our inability to control it with our thought.

Something constantly escapes it. Something beyond our catch, beyond our grasp.

Eligible for therapy is he who does not produce new thoughts, (leaving his body or sentiments exclusively in charge), or he who produces too many.

He is there to declare a paradox, an impossibility, an enigma and his bewilderment or desperation before it. Before an unresolvable, through classical means, contradiction.

He is in a state of ΄΄aporia΄΄.

He has lost his certainties.

He has second thoughts. Or has frozen them.

One usually enters therapy with a question, most of the times hidden among others.

Everything starts from it. Everything starts from this question.

The road to its answer depends on this fundamental’s question rearticulation during the course of the treatment.

He who asks is at least worth its answer.