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A psychotherapy differs from an analysis not so much as to the method it employs, nor necessarily as to the frequency of sessions it demands, but mainly as to its breadth and scope. Usually in this case, the kind of problem that is presented by the client is of a more focused nature.

This is not their main difference, however. Because the nature of a problem within a psychotherapy can be in many ways very similar to the one within an analysis.

What needs to be emphasized at this point is that the term psychotherapy is something like an ΄΄umbrella-term΄΄ including beneath it different types of psychotherapy, which are in different grades closer or further from an analysis and that are accordingly adapted to the client as an entirely individual case. This does not necessarily mean that within a psychotherapy one does not use analytic strategies and techniques, as for instance those of ΄΄free association΄΄, whereby one can freely follow an uninhibited flow of thought, without worrying whether it makes sense or not. It is more the case, that the way the therapist listens and intervenes within a psychotherapy may have some differences from an analysis from the point of view that within a psychotherapy a client may expect from his therapist to guide him more.

Thus understood, the above-mentioned fact also reveals a second factor that has to do with which kind of psychotherapy is best for which kind of person, (what works for whom), a factor which does not only concern the type of problem to be confronted, but also the temperament and character of the person who brings it. For example, there are people who find greater pleasure in exploring their matters on their own, and do not find so much pleasure in being guided thereby, while others experience more pleasure when they not only feel that the other is there, next to them, (more of a common nature demand), but also frequently intervenes.

In conclusion therefore one would say that psychotherapy is a form of treatment within which the client prefers, at this stage of his life, to be more actively guided in the journey of his self-awareness, something that causes his quest to be more focused, but not necessarily less versatile.

The Analytic Psychotherapy Center for Adolescents and Adults (A.C.P) gives one the opportunity to choose with the help of his therapist the form of treatment that suits best his particular problem and his temperament.