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Supervisions | ΑΚΕΨΥ | Αναλυτικό Κέντρο Ψυχοθεραπείας Εφήβων και Ενηλίκων


A.C.P., in its attempt to favor the vital dialogue between specialists, is open to those who wish to discuss about the course of a particular case in treatment or share thoughts and doubts regarding critical issues arising during their practice.

Supervisions, as usually proves to be the case, take place in a technically stereotyped manner, which does not always turn out to be effective. A.C.P. gives fellow therapists the chance to talk in a lucid, up-to-date fashion about certain cases, which they believe that psychotherapeutic theory clichés do injustice, might they be in need of supervision.

The living encounter with the challenges put forward by human functioning in its variety and complexity, make supervision seem a privileged way to rise up to these challenges and to develop an ethical and critical stance not only towards treatment but towards life per se.

At the heart of dialogue its unexpected truths lie.